About Me

I'm a full time working mom who wish to share some bits of her life and doings. I'm very passionate about design, handicrafts, photography and anything that is artistic. My background in multimedia and graphic design explains a lot in my interest. Though I'm not an expert but I try my best. I've started a freelance design service before which I'm still finding time to struggle through it. Having a family is not easy which most may agree with me.

I've decided to create this blog to further my interest in other things and not only provide freelancing design services. I would also like to showcase my humble handicraft works and who knows someone may be interested to buy it (well of course if I'm selling). That's one of my aim too :) I've been a silent reader for some blogs and sites created by people like me and have been truly inspired with their works and articles. And thought to myself if they can do it, why not me ?

Life is a fast one but I would like to take things slow sometimes to enjoy the real meaning of it. No one has a perfect journey in life but no matter how bad it can be, I hope to make things a little tad better.